Knowledge Portal

Manage, analyse and improve the enterprise knowledge within your organisation.

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Enterprise Architecture

The Enterprise Architecture portal focuses on views which support general EA activities across the organisation

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Application Portfolio Management

Supports the management, analysis and strategy definition for the application landscape

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Data Management

Data Management Portal, which helps you understand and manage the data that is critical to your business. Click any instance starting 'A1 Data' or 'A1' to ensure the view has data is populated and so gives an accurate representation.


View Library

Explore all views available to Essential Viewer organised by layer.


The Essential Project is a set of open source, enterprise architecture support tools developed to be used with a variety of EA approaches and frameworks. 'Essential' because these tools are focused on providing capabilities that are essential to maximising the value of enterprise architecture; helping organisations manage and analyse the knowledge needed to make decisions that impact or are impacted by the enterprise architecture.


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