Where possible outsource maintenance to save costs

Plan Status



Impacted Business Elements

Type Business Element Description Impact
Business Process Manage Network Faults and Outages Monitoring and actioning of responses to any incidents in the network


Business Process Allocate Maintenance Tasks Allocate maintenance test to the maintenance teams


Business Process Maintain Regulator Perform maintenance on the regulator to ensure it is performing optimally


Group Actor Maintenance Site maintenance


Impacted Application Elements

Type Application Element Description Impact
Composite Application Provider AMS Fleet Solutions Tracking of multiple types of vehicle assets


Composite Application Provider GenSched Scheduling management solution


Application Service Asset Location Management Services Identifies the location of an asset based on GPS data


Depends on Plans

Strategic Plan Description Start Date End Date
Country Consolidation Consolidate processes and applications across countries 1st April, 2022 31st March, 2024

Supports Plans

No plans defined

Supported Objectives

Objective Description KPIs Motivating Drivers
Provide an Efficient Operational Platform -
    Create an Effective Energy Sharing Platform Allow clients to share energy and feed back into the network where applicable
    • Suppliers Onboarded - Suppliers Onboarded - 75Percentage
    • Production Efficiency
    Improve Customer Satisfaction -
    • Customer Retention
    • Increased Sales
    • Market Leading Customer Satisfaction

    Delivery Projects

    Project Description Planned Start Date Actual Start Date Target End Date Forecast End Date
    Faster Meter Implementation Reduction of the meter install time 1st June, 2018 7th March, 2019 9th April, 2021 9th April, 2021
    Implement Geographic Metering Processes Improvements Implement Geographic Metering Processes Improvements defined 1st September, 2019 1st October, 2019 31st December, 2019 28th August, 2020

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