Asynchronous Javascript And XML. A set of technologies providing a software framework for delivering user interface solutions

Realised Technology Capabilities

The Technology Capabilities that realise the  AJAX Framework  Technology Component

Technology Capability Description
User Presentation Services Capability for users to interact with a system

Technology Functions

The Technology Functions provided by the  AJAX Framework  Technology Component

Technology Function Description
Ajax Framework::Back Button/History Support The ability to use the web browser Back button or Browser History in a predictable manner
Ajax Framework::Browser Feature Detection The ability to detect a browser type (e.g. Chrome, Safari, IE) and version and determine the features available
Ajax Framework::XML HTTP Request The ability to request and process XML data from a remote server
Ajax Framework::input Form Widget Validation The ability to define rules that dynamically validate data entered into input forms

Technology Products

The Technology Products that implement the  AJAX Framework  Technology Component

Product Vendor Product Name Description
JQuery Team Query 3.1 A cross-platform JavaScript library designed to simplify the client-side scripting of HTML

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